Water Testing

Diagnostic Water Testingwater test window

Diagnostic Water Testing can be used to simulate rainfall and other conditions under which leaks occur and to locate the precise entry point of water. Water testing is performed systematically using a scientific approach as well as process of elimination.

rainmaker water test window Diagnostic water testing can be as simple as dribbling water from a hose or, in matters of litigation, may involve a more formal, standardized process using industry accepted testing protocols and calibrated equipment. In any case, the purpose of diagnostic water testing is to clearly show the cause of the leak. 

Why do water testing?door leak at floor

  • Diagnose/ Pinpoint defect
  • Test efficacy of repair
  • Prove leak actually exists
  • Prove liability

In Litigation Matters We:

  • Use methods that are designed to stand up to cross-examinationwall leak, mold behind baseboard, warped baseboard
  • Use calibrated equipment
  • Use industry accepted methodology
  • Use methods that allow test results to be reproduced
  • Fully document all aspects of the process


Rain Maker Spray Rack

The Rain Maker Spray Rack is calibrated toRainmaker water test window ASTM standards and allows water to be sprayed uniformly over an area up to 12ft x 8ft. The Rain Maker is considered to be the industry standard for water testing. My team and I received accredited Rain Maker Spray Rack training that included hands on experience and ASTM and AAMA standards training.

leaking door testMonarch B-25 Water Nozzle

Allows for accurate measurement of water pressure applied during a water test. Also, helps simulate rain on a targeted area where a spray rack is not appropriate.

Tramex Handheld Moisture Meter

Using a handheld moisture meter we are able to locate and define the boundaries of hidden moisture in roofs, walls and floors. The moisture meter, cMoisture map leaking windowan also be used to create a “moisture map” of an area being water tested so that readings logged before, during and after a water test can help identify the path of leakage. Hidden moisture intrusion is indicated by an increase in the meter readings. 

Flir E60bx Infrared Camera

Using thermal imaging can provide a real-time visual of water on ceiling, roof leakhidden water intrusion as it happens during a water test. The camera can be hand-held, or it can be mounted on a tripod and set to record time-lapse images that, when viewed in sequence, provide a clear depiction of the leakage path and shows the area of hidden moisture as it spreads. Thermal imaging also allows for tracking the path of the leak with minimal deconstruction.

Window leak Water Testing can pinpoint:

  • Roof leaks
  • Window leaks
  • Chimney leaks
  • Door leaks
  • Wall leaks
  • Basement leaks
  • Deck leaks

roof leak, tile roof leak, roof leak at sidewall


We are fully equipped and professionally trained to perform ASTM and AAMA testing.

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