We offer a non-destructive RoofScan as a diagnostic tool in locating leak sources and to determine the condition of the roof as a whole. This information is essential in determining the proper scope of repairs and is also useful in determining whether the roof is a candidate for a recover, or whether the roof must be partially or completely torn off when re-roofing.

Why perform a RoofScan?

Leakage into insulated commercial roofs is a serious situation. Saturated roof insulation loses its value and can deteriorate rapidly. Wet insulation is heavy and can add considerable, unintended loading of the roof deck structure. Wet insulation does not significantly dry out over time and, where it is in direct contact with steel roof decking, can result in rust-through and costly structural repairs. Moisture encapsulated within an insulated roof assembly can also result in the growth of mold and bacteria, which in some cases can spread into and contaminate the building interior.

How do we do it?

Although we find infrared imaging to be a useful diagnostic tool on some instances, we prefer using the electrical capacitance method for doing roof moisture surveys. We have used this method for more than 25 years. Our Tramex Moisture Scanner is a powerful diagnostic tool and we swear by it! Unlike an infrared camera, which detects variations in temperature and can only be used under certain conditions, the Moisture Scanner detects moisture directly and accurately. It is able to detect moisture right through the roof membrane without causing any damage and it can locate moisture up to several inches deep in the insulation. We can pinpoint the exact location and precise boundaries of even small quantities of moisture entrapped in a membrane roof system. Even small, hard to find punctures can be easily located. We can find the leak when other methods have failed. Areas of wet insulation can be marked directly on the roof surface using inspector’s paint and we can show all wet areas on a roof plan drawing or Google Earth Image. If you have a set of your building drawings we can work with those, or we can create a drawing and present our findings in a file format that works best for you.

If the RoofScan is performed in conjunction with an interior leak inspection, we can often correlate areas of water intrusion into the insulated roof membrane assembly with interior leak locations.

Planning to re-roof soon?

SampleRoofMoistureSurveyWe can perform a RoofScan and let you know if you have the option of recovering the existing roof, thereby saving thousands of dollars in tear-off expense. Areas of wet insulation can be identified and accurately quantified, allowing roof bidders to know exactly where and how much old insulation needs to be cut out and replaced. Identifying exactly what materials need to be replaced can save thousands of dollars on some projects.

I can provide Construction Phase Services to help you select the right roof system and ensure an organized, competitive bidding process. There are several basic steps that can help you get the right roof at the best possible price:


  • Design Analysis –Evaluation of existing conditions such as type of roof deck, R-value of existing roof insulation, etc., and determine which replacement roof system and which construction details provide the best long-term solution.
  • Preparation of a ‘Scope of Work’ –Relevant provisions of the manufacturer’s specs and construction drawings can be easily incorporated by reference into a simple ‘Scope of Work’ document and attached to a pre-printed, fill-in-the-blanks contract to form the Contract for Construction. The Scope of Work would also provide necessary bidding information and specify what is to be done at any condition not adequately covered by the manufacturer’s standard specs.
  • Quality Control Inspection– Inspection of the work during construction ensures compliance with the specifications and contract requirements.
  • Review and Approve Payment Applications– The contractor’s applications for payment are reviewed to ensure that all work billed for has been satisfactorily completed and that all required lien releases have been furnished.
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