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Construction Litigation Services

Construction litigation requires an experienced consultant to evaluate workmanship and design.  I have served as a construction defect expert for over 35 years and as a consultant in over 100 roofing, building envelope, and water intrusion cases.   My opinions have played a significant role in obtaining a favorable outcome for past clients.  My experience and ability to successfully communicate findings in expert reports and technical presentations has proved valuable in arbitration, mediation, and as an expert witness in the courtroom.  I have provided construction defect litigation support for both plaintiffs and defendants.  My past clients include property owners, building contractors, insurers, numerous school districts, and HOA’s.  My construction defect litigation services include:

  • Investigation, Documentation, & Analysis of Construction Defects
  • Documentation & Quantification of Damage
  • Assemble Evidence for Fault Allocation
  • Prepare Expert Reports
  • File Review
  • Monitor/Document Site Visits by Opposing Experts/Counsel
  • Evaluate Opposing Expert Reports
  • Cost Estimating & Developing Damages
  • Continued Investigation & Documentation During Remediation
  • Served as Consulting Expert Only
  • Attend & Provide Support at Mediation
  • Expert Witness for Deposition/Courtroom Testimony
  • Preparation of Courtroom Exhibits/Models, Graphics, Photos, & Video


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