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Roof Consulting Services

Roof Inspection

Don Putnam at workRoof inspections are important for a variety of reasons.  Many times a roof inspection is required prior to closing on commercial or residential real estate.  Residential roof inspections are different than commercial roof inspections and most roof consultants have no interest in residential projects because they are smaller jobs with smaller fees.  I personally enjoy doing residential as well as commercial work.  At Putnam Construction Consulting I use the same system of scientific investigative methods to provide customers with a roof inspection report so they can make informed decisions.  With 47 years of experience in the field and the newest infrared imaging and moisture detection technology you can be assured that my staff and I are well qualified to  help find your roof leak and tell you how to fix it.  Our roof inspection services include, but are not limited to:

  • Hail Damage Inspection
  • Shingle Roof Inspection
  • Metal Roof Inspection
  • Tile Roof Inspection

Roof Repair and Replacement Specs

Roof leaks and construction defects in the building envelope cause property owners a real headache.  Occasionally I will be called out to provide expert technical support to contractors when detailed roofing specifications are necessary.  With residential roof leaks that require roof repair part of my job is to compile a detailed report including roof specs.  In some residential projects I can inspect and evaluate the water intrusion problem and provide and easy to understand verbal analysis in about an hour.  With more complex problems requiring significant repairs I can provide roofing specifications and help you obtain competitive bids to get the highest quality work at the best price.

Bidding Phase and Construction Phase Services

I provide an extensive list of construction phase services aimed at helping get the job done right.  With my 47 years in the industry, I have been called out on many projects where the work was done improperly on the front end, or damaged after job completion.  Often these instances result in litigation.  Builders, contractors, and architects can request my construction phase services before and during projects to help avoid costly call-backs and reduce the chances of construction defect litigation.  My construction phase services include:

For Property Owners and HOA’s

  • Solicit and Review Roof Bids, make Recommendations
  • Prepare Construction Contract
  • Pre-Construction Conference
  • Project Planning and Oversight
  • Quality Assurance Inspections During Construction
  • Review/Certify Contractor’s Payment Applications

For General Contractors and Builders

  • Evaluate Specifications and Roof Details
  • Help Prepare Change Proposals
  • Evaluate Roofing Sub-Contractors, Inspect Past Workmanship
  • Provide 3rd-party Inspection at Job Completion, Certification of Compliance
  • Help Prove ‘Damage by Others’ after job completion, such as Mechanical or Other Contractors, Window Washers, etc.
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