Construction Consulting Services

Roof Consulting Services

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Putnam Construction Consulting provides roof consulting and building envelope consulting for residential and commercial clients.  Each job is tailored to the specific client and their goals. Inspections can be as simple as a brief one hour overview with a verbal report.  More complex roof leaks and building envelope problems require detailed testing, systematic investigation, and a full expert report.  Check out our Roof Consulting page and Building Envelope page to see how we can help.

Leak Detection Services

Water Spray Test 01Water intrusion and water damage with mold make up the majority of all construction defect litigation.  Roof leaks, window leaks, flashing leaks, and leaks through exterior walls cause extensive damage.  In almost all cases these leaks are caused by defects in design and/or workmanship and not worn out materials.  It is hard to believe that many roofs and building envelopes started leaking the day they were installed, but in my 47 years of doing work it is something I continue to see.  Go to our Leak Diagnosis page to learn more about how our experience coupled with the latest infrared imaging and moisture detection technology allows us to locate most leak sources quickly and efficiently.


Construction Defect Litigation Services

IMG_0369aConstruction defects are common with roofs, windows, and other parts of the building envelope.  As an expert in this area I have been asked by attorneys and insurance companies to investigate, document, and provide analysis of construction defects.  With testing and forensic analysis I can document and quantify damages as well as assemble evidence for fault allocation.  I have served as a consulting or testifying expert in litigation in more than 100 cases, and have provided mediation support and expert testimony for more than 35 years.  Visit my Litigation Support page to learn more about some of the Litigation/Arbitration cases I have worked on.


Why hire a consultant?

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Roofs and building envelopes can appear to be fairly simple especially once they have been installed.  In fact they are complex assemblies and there is a lot that can go wrong.  Product manufacturers and industry reference guides provide specs, diagrams, and illustrations for proper construction.  There are literally thousands of such ‘construction details’ and history has shown it requires considerable expertise to build them successfully.  Qualified roofing and building envelope construction consultants can help ensure proper design and proper installation.

Roofs and building envelopes designed and constructed with guidance from an experienced roofing and building envelope consultant rarely have problems.  Roofs and building envelopes built without professional oversight will often have problems with leaks and water intrusion.  Forensic analysis of building leaks and failed waterproofing requires a high level of expertise.  The best forensic leak investigators are the ones who have the most experience combined with good instincts.  My experience over the last 47 years has enabled me to fine tune a scientific approach for leak detection.  I have worked in scorching attics, dank basements, and moldy, cockroach infested crawl spaces to gather factual evidence and test hypothesis so I can draw conclusions based on evidence rather than assumptions.  This approach combined with my professional ethics allows me to deliver my services with a high level of confidence and pride.


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